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Galeb G-2 (Designation N-60 in Yugoslav Air Force). Pictures taken in vicinity of Zadar Airbase in Summer 1991, during training for SROA - School for Reserve Air Force Pilots, the 42nd Class. I apologize for poor quality of the Photos - the excitement of flying a get took me over...


Group flight training


Pilot in 252 is Nenad Lacmanovic.


It is quite difficult to hold a group...


Tibor and his instructor Bojan Leben.


Braking left.


Another picture of 252 - slightly elevated.


Turn towards the last plane in group.


A look through the gunsight.


Technology of the 60'.....


Hey, what are you doing there?


Almost perfect alignment.


Left turn towards Airbase (big version)


Brakes out, breaking the pair for landing.


Cruising above Croatian coast.


Rather poor photo of group.


Again Tibor and Bojan ready to taxi...


On route to Firing Range Benkovac.


Galeb and famous Kornati islands behind.


Slightly above for a good photo.


Over sea again. Kornati in background.


Slightly better picture of my pair.


Turn towards Airbase Zemunik.


Turn towards Airbase Zemunik 2


Turn towards Airbase Zemunik 3.


Autoportret in flight.


Returning to Airbase. Zadar in backround.


Breaking of group for landing.


My last flight in Galeb.


Myself, my Instructor and Tibor.


Our instructors resting between the flights.


Inauguration day. Many of our Instructors are missing on the picture.



Portrait of my Instructor, lieutenant Branko Vukelic. He is "responsible" for all the photos - without him, I would never be able to take them.


Inauguration day. Look at our happy faces! The Captain in upper left corner is our Commanding Officer Captian Jovica Mitrovic, great man...



Zlin 242. Slovenian Air Force. Pictures taken in vicinity of Brnik Airport.



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